Maintenance + care

Built with military-grade PVC, the RIVR inflatable paddle board is built to endure the rugged elements of the outdoors, however, that's not to say you shouldn't take action to protect it when possible. Here are some good pointers on maintenance and care for your RIVR board that will help ensure you have it for years to come. 

Sun - Obviously it's hard to avoid keeping your board out of the sun when you're on the water, but when off, it's best to store your board in a shady area, under a towel or anywhere out of direct sunlight. Our boards use UV-resistant printing, but over time a lot of direct sun exposure can fade the color of your board and can even damage the PVC. If there is no shade around, flip the board over so the bottom faces up. You also want to avoid allowing the glue that holds down the traction pad to loosen up, which could happen if the board gets too hot.

Lacerations - Don't get too down if you get a slash in your board, we’re here to help! All RIVR packages include a patch kit and most lacerations/holes can be fixed while you're still out on your adventure. If the laceration is major and too big for our patch kit, feel free to contact us. We'll help figure out a solution. Also keep in mind that we have a 2-year manufacturer warranty, if it makes sense, we will replace your board to get you back out on the water. We like to think of RIVR as a family and we want to take care of our own. 

Valve - If you notice a hissing sound coming from the valve after you have inflated your board, that likely just means it's a bit over-inflated. Simply push down and twist the valve to the left to release some air. You can double check your PSI by using your pump's gauge. The ideal PSI for the RIVR board is 15 PSI or 1 bar (this will read 1.0 on your pumps gauge).

Storage - Whether you're packing it up after a solid day on the water or putting it away at the end of the season, you’ll want to take some steps for proper storage.

  • Cleaning - First, rinse off the board with fresh water. If there is dried dirt on the board, take a damp towel or the soft side of a sponge and clean it off. Once the board is cleared of any debris, either take a towel to it or let it air dry, but make sure the board is properly dried before rolling it up. 
  • Fins - All our RIVR boards come with 3 removable fins to make storage easy. When packing up your board, remove all 3 fins for safe storage. 
  • Rolling up - Under the twist cap at the tail end of the board is the air valve. Before you start rolling up the board, make sure the valve is open by pushing down and twisting to the left. Also, remove all 3 fins. Starting at the nose with the board facing up, fold the board over on top of itself. As you fold, you should hear the remaining air come out through the valve. When you've rolled it up all the way, you want to re-tighten the valve by pushing down again and twisting to the right. Secure the twist cap and place into the RIVR backpack with all the other accessories.

*Tip: Once you've completed rolling up the board, twist the valve to the right to close it up. If you pump the board up, while the valve is still twisted to the left it will stay open when you detach the pump, loosing air and pressure quickly.

Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at