Getting started with your paddle board

1. Set up

  • Take out your pump and attach the hose to the inflate hole on the pump (they are labeled).
  • Unroll the board with the traction pad facing up.

2. Pump up

  • Twist the end of the hose onto the valve clockwise until secure.
  • Begin to pump. The pump is double-action so it's pumping air as you pull up and as you push down.
  • When the pressure becomes challenging, remove the red cap on the pump. This changes it from a double action pump into a single-action pump which makes pumping a little easier.
  • Pump until the gauge reads 1.0. This should take about 5-8 minutes and is a workout!
  • When you're pumped up, untwist the hose counter-clockwise and re-secure the valve cap.

3. Assemble other accessories

  • FINS - Flip the board over and grab your 3 fins. Slide the fins into their respective holders with the large fin in the center. Slide the clip into the space between the fin and the board to secure.

  • PADDLE - Assemble the paddle by sliding the 3 pieces together until they click. Adjust the length of the paddle to your preferred length, typically around 10" taller than you are.