The Top 10 Best Places to Paddle Board in Austin, Texas

The Top 10 Best Places to Paddle Board in Austin, Texas

Austin has a plethora of beautiful and scenic waterways that are perfect for the ultimate SUP adventure. Whether you want to explore the exquisite view of Lady Bird Lake, or enjoy the calming effect on Lake Travis, investing in a SUP in Austin will create countless experiences that you will never forget.

The love for the great outdoors is a common thread among Texans, which means that paddle boarding is one of the best ways to embrace your Texas spirit. It's a great approach to spend time with family and friends, bond as a team member at work, or simply enjoy quality alone time out on the water.

Here, we'll dive into the 10 best places to paddle board in Austin, Texas, providing you with the ultimate breakdown of must-see hot spots in the area.

10 Best Places to Paddle Board in Austin, Texas

#1 Lake Travis

Hands down, the best place to paddle board in Austin, Texas, is Lake Travis. The bewilderment of limestone bluffs, towering cypress trees, and the tranquil clear blue waters provide the perfect destination for an exhilarating SUP adventure.

Lake Travis covers over 18,000 acres of natural wonder, boasts over 63 miles of shoreline, and a maximum depth of 210-feet. Visitors can enjoy the sun, sand, and water with their standup paddle board in Austin, and connect with nature like never before.

Both seasoned SUP'ers and beginners can enjoy Lake Travis. The calm waters and gentle waves are perfect for families, friends, and adventure-seekers alike. After a day of soaking up the sun on your standup paddle board Austin, take time to reflect by the water and simply enjoy the beauty of the natural Texas landscape.

Lake Travis offers the most pristine views and gorgeous vistas that will leave you breathless. It's truly a sight to behold, and you're sure to have the time of your life exploring it on a SUP

#2 Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is one of the most popular places to SUP in Austin, all thanks to its central location and picturesque setting. Whether you live around Lady Bird Lake or are just visiting for a few days, Lady Bird Lake is a must-see.

Lady Bird Lake is the perfect spot for those who want to swim, sun, and SUP. The beautiful backdrop of downtown Austin is just a bonus to the endless recreational opportunities that you have on this stunning body of water.

Whether you want to try a SUP for the first time or are a seasoned expert, Lady Bird Lake is an excellent choice. The flat and calm waters make it perfect for beginners who want to learn how to standup paddle board in Austin on their own terms—and experts will love its convenience as well.

If you're looking for privacy and serene surroundings, this, unfortunately, isn't the destination for you. However, if you're looking to socialize with friends and family, party, and have a great time, then Lady Bird Lake is your ideal SUP destination.

#3 Secret Beach

Another one of the best places to paddle board in Austin, Texas, is Secret Beach. For those looking for a more secluded adventure with their SUP, you can venture out here and discover tranquil waters that will help you relax your mind and recharge your spirit.

Secret Beach is a hidden gem known to locals and water-sports enthusiasts. Your GPS will tell you that it's just 15 minutes from the east of downtown Austin, but good luck finding it. It's well worth the adventure, though! Once you discover this shoreline paradise, you'll never want to leave.

It's important to bear in mind that there are no standup paddle board Austin rentals available here, so you'll need to bring your own. If you're a beginner, Lake Travis or Lady Bird Lake will be better suited for your first SUP experience. If you don't have a paddle board just yet, you can grab yours right here at RIVR Boards!

#4 Snake Island

The name may send shivers down your spine, but don't let that deter you from paddling out on a SUP in Austin, Texas. With its rich history and picturesque surroundings, it's no wonder so many visitors flock here each year.

Situated amid Lady Bird Lake, Snake Island makes for an excellent destination for standup paddleboard experiences. You can enjoy the best of Austin from this tranquil island, and connect with nature in a way that few others can.

Live it up in the sun during the day, and prepare to party under the full moon at night. Live Love Paddle's Full Moon Music Paddle leads a nighttime tour to Snake Island to enjoy the full moon on calm waters, and then the opportunity to snuggle up by the bonfire. The only thing that could make this SUP experience more incredible is having your favorite tunes to accompany it!

#5 Barton Creek

Crystal clear waters and a serene environment make Barton Creek an ideal place for standup paddleboard in Austin. Best of all, you won't have to venture far from the city's center to discover this hidden gem.

At Barton Creek, you're able to lavish in all of life's simple pleasures. From rope swings to cliff jumping, natural springs, to familiar wildlife, this is an excellent area for those who want to escape the city and unwind in nature

The beautiful backdrop of limestone cliffs makes it feel like you're not even in Texas—and that's just one reason why Barton Creek should be your next SUP destination!

#6 Festival Beach

Possessing a festival of nature, Festival Beach is one of the best places to paddle board in Austin. It has it all: beautiful surroundings, rich history, and a serene atmosphere.

Festival Beach provides you with an adventure that the whole family can enjoy. It offers easy access to the river, and its location is ideal for watching the sun rise and set over the water!

If you're looking for a no-fuss experience, make sure to grab a board from RIVR Boards before you set off. You're guaranteed to have a great time on the water, and with beautiful views like this, it's hard to imagine a better SUP experience!

#7 Lake Austin

South of Lake Travis lies Lake Austin, where you can enjoy a new kind of SUP experience: standup paddle board fishing within the city limits. Throughout the years, Lake Austin has been filled with several species of fish in order to improve recreational fishing. Today, you can expect to catch largemouth bass, catfish, and even gar throughout the year.

During your SUP fishing adventure, you'll be able to explore the scenic shores of Lake Austin. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some local wildlife! Just make sure you are cautious of boats cruising along. Stay safe, and keep outside the perimeter when paddling.

#8 West End

Paddle below bridges that connect the beautiful city of Austin, and watch the sunset sink into the city's charming skyline - it's West End.

If you're not in the mood to play detective in order to find the best place to paddle board in Austin, we recommend checking out West End!

Located west of Lady Bird Lake, West End is void of parties, noise, and crowds. Instead, it's a peaceful oasis where you can relax and connect with the beauty of nature

#9 Spring Lake

Probably the most unique SUP experience in Austin, Spring Lake surged from the site of an old water theme park. With crystal clear water and quaint surroundings, Spring Lake is an excellent place for standup paddle board in Austin.

From a water theme park to an environmental preservation, Spring Lake boasts over 10,000 years of history. This preservation is consistently researched for the Meadows Center of Water and the Environment, helping to keep this natural habitat in pristine condition.

Due to the lake's environmental consciousness, it's only open to the public through paddle board tours by REI Austin. On this engaging excursion, you'll see springs streaming from the lake's bottom and strange things like mermaids and enormous clamshells that were once supposed to be decorations in the water park. Spring Lake, like Lake Travis, has a limestone bottom that gives the water an exotic appearance.

#10 Congress Avenue Bridge

The Congress Avenue Bridge is one of the most famous spots for standup paddle boarding in Austin, and that's not just because it provides an astonishing view of Austin's prominent bat population. They fly over your head as the sun sets, creating a magical sight.

When you purchase a SUP in Austin, you have to take a trip to Congress Avenue Bridge. It offers electrifying views of the city, while also providing that little extra thrill of country living. Whether you're looking for nature or vibrance, this is one of the best places to paddle board in Austin.

You can even paddle over to the Greenbelt! Sure, you'll need plenty of energy and water for this epic journey, but once you get to the other side, it's a whole new world.

Get the Gear

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